Netties Expressions special series

Canadiana Series

The true north strong and free.
All things Canadian as well as Roblin, MB themed items.

Coffee Series

There's nothing quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee paired together with a delightful piece of homemade cheesecake.

Happiness Series

I think happiness is what makes you pretty.
Period. Happy people are beautiful.

Kindness Series

You never know how many lives you might save from one simple act of kindness. Life is far too short to be unkind. No matter what life sends you...always, always be kind.

Mental Health Series

Mental health is something that's very close to my heart. An invisible illness that's so very, very real. Never, ever be ashamed to ask for help or go for help. There's amazing help available. In case you need to hear this. You're amazing! You're beautiful! You're loved! You can do this! You're so desperately needed!

Single Gals Series

A fun series that any single gal will enjoy.
A mixture of wit, humour and sarcasm.

Single Gals Series

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