Sign Workshop FAQ's

General Information

Do I need to be artistic to do this?
  • I believe that everyone is artistic in their own way. I guarantee that you'll love the design and the quality of the sign. Anyone can paint a sign and leave with a beautiful sign to be proud of. I will be there as your hands on teacher helping you throughout the process.
Do I have to design my sign?
  • No, you don't. At my current price point, you can pick a design from my website (some signs may be more), or for a $30 fee you can submit your own ideas and I'll make up your design. I will send you a proof via email and we will work on making your design into something you'll love!
What kind of designs can I choose from?
  • I have over 200 designs on my website. You can also choose to have your own custom design done for a $30 fee.
Can I book a private class?
  • Yes, definitely! If you want to book Christmas parties or other private parties, send me an email. After you have selected a date, you'll email me a list of the names and email addresses of all the participants. From there, I'll get everyone started with selecting their sign sizes and designs. If you are a single or want to join an open workshop check my event calendar or send me an email.
What is the maximum number of people you can have in a class.
  • Right now my space is limited which only allows me to have groups of up to 6 people.
How long does a workshop take?
  • You should plan on your workshop taking around 1.5 - 2 hours. This depends on how complex your designs are, how many people are in the class, if everyone arrives on time, how many different colors you pick for your sign, etc.
What times to you offer for workshops?
  • Monday - Friday: 7 pm
  • Saturday: 11 am & 4 pm
What is the process?
  • When you purchase your seat in a workshop you will let me know what size of sign, the design and the background colour of the sign. I will cut your sign, sand it, paint the background colour and give it one final sanding so that it is ready for you to paint.
  • I use the vinyl stencil process in my sign workshops. After your design is approved by you, I cut the design out of stencil vinyl. At the workshop, you will use an exacto knife or tweezers to weed your stencil, transfer the vinyl to your board, pick your paint colors and paint the stencil, then remove the stencil to reveal your sign.
Is there a minimum age for children to do a sign?
  • There's really no age limit, although I don't recommend bringing a child unless they will be painting a sign as there are no babysitting services provided. It can take a child a bit longer to work through some of the processes in order to complete their sign. Children 8 and older usually do fairly well on their own.
Can we bring snacks and or drinks?
  • Snacks are welcome during your class.
Netties Expressions supplies some beverages. RO water, hot tea, hot cocoa, lemonade and a few other seasonal drinks. Depending on how the workshops go, there is a possibility that snacks will also be provided.
    Netties Expressions workshops are in a smoke free environment.

    Picking Your Design and Size of Sign

    What parameters do I need to stay within?
    • It depends on the size of the sign you choose. The smaller or more detailed your design is, the longer and more tedious your work will be. I can usually fit pretty much anything. To get a better idea, take a look at my finished signs.
    My proof is black and white. Is that the color of my sign?
    • No. You'll choose the colors for your sign during the workshop. The proof is just for the layout and design purpose. Once you receive your proof. let me know if you like it or if you'd like to make some changes. I want you to be happy with your final design.
      Can I make a bigger sign?
      • Yes, you gladly can! Just let me know what size you want to create and I quote you a custom price. 
       Do you have smaller sizes?
      • Yes, I do. However the workshop price does stay the same at $85 and up.
      What colors of paint do you have?
      • I carry the Fusion Mineral Paint line at my workshops. You can always check out my paint samples when you drop by my retail location.