Christmas Is So Beautiful - Greeting Card

Christmas is so beautiful no matter where it is found. We only have to listen; it is everywhere around. It is in the merry laughter of a little child at play; It is in the wrinkled face that watches her each day. It is in the eyes of young men; it is in the eyes of old. Christmas can be found where the Saviour’s love is told. We find it when we share with others every day. We find it when we worship, when we sing, when we pray. Christmas can be glorious in a mansion on a hill; It can be just as wonderful in a cabin by a rill. In a large cathedral, in a small church far away. Christmas can be found in the heart on any day. ~ Helen Kitchell Evans

Inside Saying: May the beauty of Christmas live in your heart the whole year through.

This handmade greeting card is printed on white Classic Linen card stock (4 5/8" x 6 1/4") and comes with a matching envelope.

These custom designed greeting cards created by Netties Expressions are on printed on Classic Linen Card Stock. Classic Linen Envelopes and Card Stock are made of 50% recycled material (15% PCW) and are finished with a cross-hatched linen texture. They are green seal certified, carbon natural, FSC certified and acid-free for archival quality.