Large Wooden Arrows

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These handmade wooden arrows are perfect for any wall space...whether in a nursery, kids room, family room, kitchen, hallway...the ideas are endless. Set it on a shelf or stand it on the floor. These can be hung many different ways...left or right...up or down...or diagonal.

These can also be used for a coat hook. Buy a few hooks and attach them to the arrow and eureka! You've just created a coat hook for yourself. 

These wooden arrows are handmade in Roblin, Manitoba. Netties Expressions purchases the wood to create these arrows. The next step is to cut and sand the wood. After that the arrows are glued, nailed together, and sanded in order to get them ready to paint. These arrows are painted withFusion Mineral Paint on the front and the back. The arrows are then sealed withBeauti-Tone Acrylic Clear Lacquer.

These wooden arrows measure 37" long x 14" wide at the widest spot and are about 1.5" thick where the layers are double.

These wooden arrows come with hanging hardware. Since the arrows may be hung so many different ways, the hanging hardware comes in a separate bag. This way you can hang them how ever you want.

***Each arrow is hand crafted with care. Every piece is unique and may slightly differ from one to the next. This is what makes Netties Expressions wooden arrows special. The wood I use has knot holes and imperfections which adds to the rustic look of my arrows. I do not try to cover up these imperfections as I feel that it adds character to the individual piece.