PRIMED – Clear & Bonding Primer (quart) - FAT Paint

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Introducing PRIMED: Clear & Bonding

One of the terrific qualities of FAT Paint is that it has great adhesion.

Sometimes though, we/our customers encounter a bossy piece with a substrate that resists all the FAT love. When that happens, the answer is to prepare the furniture's surface with a bonding primer. Here's the problem though... we're sending our customers to another store to purchase the needed primer. Not only do you loose a potential add-on to your FAT Paint sale, but you've also missed out on the opportunity to more fully support your customer. This is especially important because we all know that a customer who feels supported, and has faith in the knowledge you share, is a life-long customer!

That's why The FAT Paint Company created PRIMED!

That's not all. PRIMED is clear!! 
So why is that awesome? Bottom line: distressing to reveal wood. It's a drag to have that white primer showing through! 

Available in 925 ml/32 fl. oz. pints

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