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Netties Expressions Custom Orders Notice for 2018

Netties Expressions is a one-person handmade shop.

Netties Expressions rustic wood decor and signs are NOT mass produced in China or created in a factory assembly line or sweat shop. Each wooden sign and wall hanging is individually handmade by myself (Jennette). There is a lot of thought and love put in to each item.

I will be taking a year off from ALL Custom Orders. I will still be making products, coming up with new ideas and selling "Made to Order" items.

~ I appreciate your support in this tough decision which I've made.

About Netties Expressions

Welcome to Netties Expressions!

My name is Jennette Wiebe. I'm a tax preparer/bookkeeper by day and a crafter by night.

Netties Expressions is a handmade business located in Roblin, Manitoba Canada and is run/operated/owned by myself. 

I created Netties Expressions in 1997 at the age of 13.

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