Creating Spectacular Vinyl for your KitchenAid Mixer

First off, I finally got a project finished which came in the mail a few weeks ago.  Eilis from My Heart Lives Here showed a great technique of printing on fabric using freezer paper.  I have yet to try it but I’m impressed and also very excited (to say the least) that it actually works!!  Anyway to get to the point, she was doing a giveaway and it included this pillow and some free clipart from KPM Doodles.  I commented on her blog because I loved the pillow and was excited that she explained how to print on fabric.  Now this is the part which is embarrassing.  I didn’t read the whole post.  Which means I didn’t know she was having a giveaway.  Which in turn means that I was absolutely shocked when I received an email telling me that I had won a pillow and some clipart.  I was totally stumped how I’d ever managed to do that. :)  I was also giddy as this was my first ever winner.  Here the pillow is in all its glory!  Thank you sooo much Eilis!
Life has been kinda crazy busy with my regular day job, so some of my projects are being put on the back shelf till I have more time.  I finished a project which I have been dreaming up ever since seeing what Shelley from House of Smith’s did with some KitchenAid mixers.
I did this one for my Mom.  I was thinking of just doing different words involved with baking, but she wanted to have her regular bun recipe somewhere close by.  I wasn’t quite sure how it would work to actually include the measurements in the subway art design.
This is a commercial mixer and had the added complexities of little black raised screws which I had to work around on both sides.  I created the Subway Art in Adobe and cut the vinyl using my Silhouette software and Silhouette SD.
Here you can also see the black screw on the other side.  I used black premium vinyl in hopes that it will last longer with all the cleaning a mixer needs. :)
This gives a bit of an idea on how the vinyl goes smoothly onto the machine.  I put the vinyl on with two people watching me, which made me extremely nervous. :)  It ended up working out very well in the end.
Now I want to do my mixer next.  Any ideas or suggestions on what I should do?  I’m tossing back and forth between doing a recipe or doing some sort of design.  My mixer is red, so I’m not solid yet on what colour of vinyl I’ll use.
Have you done this with your mixer or for someone else?





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  1. TIFFANY says:

    I’ve wanted to do something like this with my mixer for quite a while. I haven’t found subway art for it that I love as much as some of the designs I’ve seen people use. If I ever get around to doing it, I’ll probably use some flourishes or something. The nice thing is, if you decide you don’t like it anymore or want something different, it you can always change it pretty easily. Your mom’s turned out really nice too! I never thought about using a recipe for the words. That’s a pretty neat idea.

  2. JANE says:

    I love this idea! I had seen something similar to it before but not with words. I love the crisp, clean look. Visiting from A Vision to Remember Link party. Thanks for sharing.

  3. EILIS says:

    You are very welcome :)

  4. This is so AWESOME! I can’t wait to try it out! I guess I have another reason to get a Silhouette!

  5. Hi, I just wanted to say how much I love this. I’m going to share this on my FB page. Thank you for sharing.


  6. JUSTINE says:

    Stopping by from Wow Me Wednesday!

  7. Love this! Featuring it from last week’s Handmade Tuesdays party. Congratulations!

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