Pallet Wall Hanging – Psalms 27:1

Happy Friday!
Today I’m sharing a last minute custom order I did last week. Once I had all the details I needed I designed it on my computer. (The party requested the verse and bird.) I created a stencil for painting this order.
I set to work pulling apart an old pallet I had and sanded it thoroughly until my fingers were tingling.  I used wood glue and a finish nailer to attach the boards to two vertical boards.  I attached picture wire on the back so it was ready to hang.
I LOVE the look of these pallet wall hangings, but every time I go to make one I wonder why I bother going to all the work it takes to use old wood instead of using new wood and just distressing it.
The good thing is it looks nicer and hopefully I’m making a bit of muscle tearing apart old pallets.
This pallet wall hanging ended up being bigger than some of the ones I’ve made.  It was approximately 44″ x 26″.
I was so pleased with how it ended up turning out that I really felt like just keeping it for myself.
Guess that’s how it goes for custom orders. Some I like enough to keep.
Have a great weekend!



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