Wood Signs vs Framed Wood Signs

I make both wood signs and framed wood signs.

I thought I would explain the difference between the two types today.

Generally speaking, the framed wood signs are made from 3/4" good one side plywood. Most everyone knows how awful the sides of plywood are which is why I frame them. It adds a little bit to the sign...makes it a little bigger, covers the rough, raw edges and dresses the whole sign up.

My regular wood signs are made from pine. The pine wood I use has nice edges which doesn't make it necessary to frame them. I often route the pine edges just to give the edge of the sign a nice rounded edge.

The signs I'm going to show you today were made from pine. There was nothing wrong with them except the walls they were hanging on seemed to swallow up the signs. I decided to frame them and was delighted with the outcome. It added a little meat onto the signs for a better way of describing it. Plus the stained edges seem to add just the right effect to finishing off the signs.

This sign shown below is one which was made at the same time as the other signs. The only difference is this one wasn't framed. There is nothing wrong with this sign. It's a nice size and would make a statement on almost any wall.

Now these signs below used to be the same style as the one above. The only difference was these signs were hanging in individual offices and the office walls seemed to swallow up these signs.

Framing the signs made a world of a difference. The stained edges blends in well with all the wood work and office furniture...and best of all they no longer look like the walls are swallowing them up. Which equals happy office workers. It's a win\win situation.

I'm hoping to eventually add these signs to my Online Shop as well.

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