Antique Dining Room Set "FOR SALE"

Update: SOLD!!

This really has nothing to do with Netties Expressions. I have an antique dining room set FOR SALE!

I purchased this set from a family in Winnipeg. The wife wanted to purchase more modern furniture so they put it up for sale. This set has always been sold as a set. They said that they had purchased it from a family who claimed they purchased it from the original owners. Which would make me the fourth owner of this antique dining room set. Which in turn will make you the fifth owner. Apparently it's from sometime around the 1920's. There are some original tags with the furniture but I couldn't find any dates.

There is nothing wrong with this set. I had always planned to refinish it but never got around to it. I'm looking at getting something else since I really need a narrower table. This table is too wide for my dining room and it makes it quite crowded when I have company. Plus I don't really have a spot for the buffet.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

This is an overall picture of the china cupboard, dining room table and 6 chairs. This comes with 5 regular chairs and 1 king chair.

Just to make it clear, this set consists of the following:

  • 1 china cupboard (measures 40.5" wide x 15.5" deep x 64.5" high)
  • 1 buffet (measurements coming)
  • 1 dining room table which comes with two table leaves (measures 45" wide x 72" long with the two 8" wide table leaves)
  • 5 regular style chairs (with leather seats)
  • 1 king chair (with a leather seat)

I'm asking $1,500.00(CAD).

This dining room set is from a pet free/smoke free home.

If you're seriously interested in this set please send me an email or phone me @ (204) 937-0953.

This dining room set is located in Roblin, Manitoba. The buyer will need to come pick it up. I will give you a location for pickup if you are the buyer.

Payment options: Cash or Certified Cheque 

Two of the chairs have the decorative pieces broken on the back. The set came like this when I bought it and I always meant to fix it. I have the extra pieces as you'll see lower down.

This shows the other 3 regular style chairs.

And here's a view of the chairs and the table top. There are white markings on the table top. I had planned to strip the top and redo it but have never gotten around to do that.

Here is the original tag underneath the table.

This is another view of the underside of the table.

Here you can see the apron and the decorative table legs. The table legs have small wheels underneath which make moving it a little easier.

Here is the 1 king chair.

This is the tag which was in the china cupboard drawer. You can also see the extra pieces for fixing the backs of the chairs.

Here's a close up of the tag which was in the china cupboard drawer.

Here's the china cupboard.

This is the buffet.

So that's basically it. If you have any questions you can gladly contact me via email or phone me at (204) 937-0953. Serious inquiries only!


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