DIY Simple Rustic Window Boxes

Are you in need of a quick and simple DIY project? 

I had to build bigger window boxes this year. The photo below shows the old window boxes which I built a few years earlier. 

I didn't take step-by-step photos, but I'll share instructions of how you can build your own window boxes and try to keep it simple. You can add a window box or window boxes to your house. Do you have a garden shed which could use a little more character? Add a window box. Let your imagination go and create something that matches your style.

  • Step 1. Measure the width of your window. I built my window boxes so that they'd stick past the trim just a little bit. My house is old so the two windows aren't the same size.
  • Step 2. Use scrap wood or purchase new wood. We had old 3/4" plywood on hand that I used for this project. Not the nicest stuff, but it's sturdy. 
  • Step 3. Cut your pieces or find a friend or family member who can cut them for you. I'll share the measurements of the pieces that I cut.
    • Bottom piece - 78" x 9". I was going to make it 10" but I didn't have enough plywood, so I made do with what I had.
    • Side pieces - 78" x 7". Cut 2 of these.
    • End pieces - 10.5" x 7". Cut 2 of these.
    • The completed measurements of this window box was 79.5" (length) x 10.5" (width or depth) x 7"(height).
  • Step 4. Assemble the pieces. You can use screws or nails or whatever works for you. I used a pin tacker and lots of wood glue. Attach the sides to the bottom piece first and then attach the ends to complete the box.

  • Step 5. Let the wood glue dry.
  • Step 6. Sand if desired.
  • Step 7. Clean the box of all dust. Paint or stain the box the colour of your choice. I used Pistachio from The FAT Paint Company which is the same colour as my front door.
  • Step 8. Seal your box. You can use polyurethane, lacquer, Clear TOP coat from The FAT Paint Company. Whatever you use, make sure that it's meant for outside protection.
  • Step 9. Line the inside of your box with heavy duty clear plastic. I had a roll on hand and used an upholstery stapler to attach the plastic. This protects the wood as well as helps keep the moisture in.
  • Step 10. If you like, add decorative pieces to your window box. You can do this prior to painting if you choose to add wood pieces. I bought some super ugly hinges and spray painted them black.

  • Step 11. Hang your window box. I used simple L brackets and plan to eventually add chunky corbels for a decorative look.

  • Step 12. Add dirt and plant your flowers.
    Please disregard the unkept shrub bed below. It needs some TLC, but it's just taking time this year.

 The bike shown in the photo above is another quick DIY project that I'll be sharing with you once I have it completed.

Enjoy!! 🌺🌼🏵🌸


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