Even in the darkest times

This is a long post. To get the whole story you'll have to read it all 🤗

I don't usually do posts over the weekend...but this has been a different week and will be a different weekend for a lot of us. My church has canceled services for the time being and I'm sure a lot of you are also in similar shoes.

Staying low key. Practicing social distancing. Our office is about completely closed to foot traffic. We're still filing tax returns since that's one thing we can't just put on hold. We're set up that we can basically work from home if it'll get to that.

There's a lot of unknowns. Generally speaking life is full of unknowns but now we're all forced to live a little more from moment to moment. To be honest, that's how I've been living for the last few months while my mind is trying to heal.

I'm a big believer in prayer and miracles. I felt like God sent me a little touch of hope tonight. I glanced out my window and thought I saw a light. I looked again and low and behold there was one of my solar lights valiantly shining through the snow. Just the touch of hope I needed. 🙏🏻 Some days I just marvel at how much God cares for me and all of us. This hope is for each of you too 💟 Sweet dreams and wishing each one a restful weekend.


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