Extra-Large Wooden Snowmen are BACK IN STOCK!

I just wanted to drop by to let you know that my extra-large wooden snowmen are back in stock.

I make a limited amount of my rustic wooden snowmen each year. Once they're sold out, they're gone till next year.

I ran out of my ribbon from last year and it has since been discontinued so I had to go with something new for the majority of the extra-large snowmen. The new ribbon is a buffalo check ribbon which is perfect for not only throughout the Christmas season but for all winter, until spring appears again.

The buffalo check ribbon is a nice change from last year...

...however, I still like last year's ribbon...and a number of the snowmen are lucky enough to be sporting this ribbon this year.

Each year, every snowman is given a name. I did something different and chose names which start with the letter "A" this year. Figured it was time to have some sort of system. We'll see if I'm still making snowmen by the time I get to the letter, "Z".

These snowmen are available to purchase both in store and online.

Thank you for supporting my handmade shop!


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