Fusion Mineral Paint

I have some news which I'm pretty excited about. I've been looking for a paint company for a while now. I'd like to buy all my paint from one company. It would make things so much simpler as far as colour choices, etc. 

We have a new little shop & cafe in Roblin, MB. It's called Market Made and it's definitely a shop you should check out. I'm wholesaling some of my products to this store and it's been a wonderful experience! Ashlyn sells handmade products which are made in Canada. There's a bunch of local products as well as products made throughout Canada. It's a beautiful store with a wide variety of products. The plus side is that she also serves delicious hot and cold drinks!

Now this local store is stocking the Fusion Mineral Paint product line. I've been trying a number of types of paints and when I found this out I read the reviews. So far the reviews are quite positive. I was painting a custom order and the paint just wasn't adhering...after painting the sign twice (both times it was a flop), I called up Market Made. I used two colors of the Fusion Mineral Paint and it turned out beautifully.

I'm not being sponsored or reimbursed by Fusion Mineral Paint for this post. (Although if Fusion Mineral Paint decided to give me free samples or a discount, I'd jump at the opportunity :) ) I'm just excited to let you know that I've finally found a paint line which I LOVE. From now on most if not all of my signs will be painted with paints from this company.

I've been updating my paint colour options on my different products listings and Custom Order page as well.

Stay tuned for new signs, products and more yet to come this summer!


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