Inspirational Tuesday - No Matter How Tall the Mountain

Welcome to Inspirational Tuesday!

Winter can be a time of gray skies and long winter evenings. Right now I'm in the beginning stages of tax season which lasts till the middle of June for us. This means the days can feel super long and exhausting. I love January though as it's a time of year filled with days of beautiful, thick hoarfrost covering trees and most surfaces. This makes for the most gloriously beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I always marvel how beautiful God makes the world for us. If our hearts and eyes aren't open to this beauty and the miracle of it, we'll go through life missing out on so much.

This saying is another one of my favorites and one that I try to remember when it feels like the mountains are too high and too steep for me.

No matter how tall the moutain, it cannot block the sun.

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Wishing you a beautiful day!


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