Makeover To The Original Faux Fireplace

Today's blog post is about a faux fireplace makeover. It's always amazing what a coat of paint can do and this makeover is about exactly that.

It started with my first faux fireplace that I built way back in the day. It's still working great, but it was in major need of an update of some sort.

This is what it looked like before I tackled this project. 

I have to insert a small disclaimer here. My basement had water damage and had to be completely redone. You'll notice that the whole room has changed when you see the "after" photos.

 I had a can of Fusion's "Homestead Blue" paint on hand. I'm a FAT Paint retailer and generally use their paint. To be honest, I really wanted to try some FAT Paint on this project but I've also been trying to use up paint that I already have on hand. It definitely helps cut the cost on these different projects.

I purchased a Duraflame insert (DF1020ARU) from Electric Fireplaces Canada. I love these inserts. They heat up the room quite nicely as well as adding such a cozy touch.

Other than that, it was just a fresh coat of paint in a different colour and styling the mantle just a tad bit differently. The transformation was so amazing to me!

Here's a close up of the fireplace insert. It's hard to get the flames to show like they do in person. 

Here's a different angle...


Now that you've seen what a coat of paint can do to something, grab your brush and paint and tackle that project you've been thinking about or dreaming about.

Happy painting! 



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