New Sympathy and Friendship Cards in Stock

I'm excited to share some new card designs with you. There's a few of these sayings which I used on my cards a few years back and somewhere along the way either forgot about them or lost them.

You can click on the image to take you directly to the item in my online shop where you can purchase the card.

If you've never purchased greeting cards from me before, I have a card club which you can join. I keep the stamp cards at my retail location. Once you've bought 10 cards you get 1 card for FREE.

All my greeting cards are designed and printed right here in Roblin, MB. These specific greeting cards which I'm sharing with you today are made from white linen cardstock and come with a matching envelope.

The next three cards below were some of my all-time favorites. I used to sell cards with these sayings a lot and somewhere along the way they got lost. I just found them the other day and decided it was time to share them with you again.

The next two sympathy cards are completely new designs to my store.

I've also been wanting to make a few more Friendship cards. These cards are written in such a way that they can be used as a Friendship card, Thinking of You card or a Birthday card.

And...I've never gotten around to having a Thank You card in stock. Now I finally have one available for those of you who were asking for one. :)

Have a beautiful day and thank you to all my customers and readers for your continued support!


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