Second Printing in the Works!

Here's the reason that I've been a little quiet around here of late.

I'm super excited to let you know that I'm doing a 2nd printing of my book, A Very Special Christmas Story.

The first printing that I did was a bit of a test run to see how or if the book would go over. You all blew me away with your enthusiasm for my book. It was truly a humbling experience to put my heart out there and receive so much positive response from all of you. I will be forever grateful!

This time around I'm taking the time to thoroughly go through my book. I'm making some changes (I recoloured all the illustrations and made some other minor changes) and getting it printed professionally. I'm 100% happy with how this book is turning out. 😊

Here's a preview of the proof of the front cover.

ic: A Very Special Christmas Story - children's book telling the Christmas story

We’re still in the proofing stages of this print run. As soon as I have some fixed details on the timeline and pricing, I will open it up for pre-orders. This will give you the chance to order the book ahead of time. I’ll be packaging all the pre-orders the day after I pick the books up and getting them ready to ship out or to pick up (for local orders).

I'm currently waiting for the paper samples to arrive. It's starting to feel like this is really happening!! 💃

I'll keep you all posted to the progress on this book.



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