Tuesdays' Free Graphic - When one person is missing...

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I'm excited to be back in the groove of creating some free graphics for you as my blog readers and customers to use.

Today's saying comes pretty close to my heart. Anyone who has lost someone near and dear to them will understand this saying. Losing a loved one leaves a hole in your heart...and the world just does feel empty without them around...

***Please remember that these graphics are designed by Netties Expressions for your personal use only. Please respect this and do not try to claim these as your own or use them for resale.

Click on the image below to download a free copy of this graphic.

My encouragement for today, is for anyone who has lost a friend or loved one. Remember to give yourself time to grieve. This is a fragile time...a time to be gentle with yourself and give your heart permission to grieve, to feel, to remember. Strength and hope will come again. But for now...Do what you need to honor this sorrow, letting your heart and spirit heal. 


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