Wooden Boxes and Spring Centerpieces

I finally have some more wooden boxes made. I have a number of sizes this time.

These rustic wooden boxes are so universal. The options for using them are limitless! The boxes may be purchased plain or decorated. I have supplies in store right now for decorating your own boxes.

These can be used for crayons/pens/pencils/marker storage if you put some mason jars inside...switch out the coloring supplies and put fresh flowers in the mason jars...use for storage at your coffee station...organize items in your pantry...set it on edge for other uses...the ideas go on and on...

This box shown below is 14" long. It's decorated as a spring centerpiece. The candles are unscented so they won't be overpowering if you light them at the table.

This next box is 20" long and also decorated for spring.

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