Wooden Centerpiece Boxes

I finally have some wooden boxes available for sale. I usually only sell these at Christmas, but they are such great, fabulous boxes I thought I'd make more to sell throughout the year. The ideas for these are limitless...I often use them on my table as a centerpiece and on my mantle...you can stick candles in here...put some fall foliage around them...for Christmas cut some greenery and add a few branches and some berries and you have a beautiful centerpiece...in spring you can change out the foliage to something fresh or change it up and place some fresh flowers in Mason jars...throughout the summer you can change the flowers out regularly with fresh garden flowers...these work great for anything Mason jars can hold...organizing crayons, pencil crayons and markers...holding coffee supplies by your coffee maker...storage for pantry goods...well, as I said the possibilities are endless.

These handmade boxes are made by "yours truly". I put small white felt pads in each corner to protect whatever surface these boxes are placed on. Generally the boxes are stained and sealed. Once in a while I paint them and distress them instead of staining them. 

These are now available through my retail location and my online shop. You can click on each picture listed below and it will take you to the actual listing.

I'm going to be offering them with candles and the foliage as well. I'm just currently waiting to place my order and bring more supplies in.

This is the smallest of the boxes right now measuring 13.75' x 7".

This box measures 16.5" x 7" 

These boxes measure 17.5" x 7".

This box measures 23.75" x 7". 

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