Wooden Perpetual Calendars are Back in Stock

A quick post to let you know that my rustic wooden perpetual calendars are finally back in stock.

These calendars are perfect for almost any age or station in life. They would make a great teachers gift or give to the office person in your life. Display on your office reception counter or place at your check out counter in your store. Place this on a shelf or windowsill in your house, gift to a parent or grandparent in a senior housing or full care facility. The ideas are limitless. This calendar lasts year round for years to come.
The calendar below shows what the gold metallic letters look like.
The calendar below shows what the copper metallic letters look like.

The calendars come in the two options shown above. You can pick between gold metallic letters for the months or copper metallic letters.

Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful day!


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