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A tax preparer/bookkeeper by day and a crafter by night. Located in Roblin, MB (Manitoba) Canada, Netties Expressions is run/operated/owned by myself, Jennette. I started Netties Expressions in 1997 when I began creating birth announcements and business cards for a hobby. Netties Expressions has gone through many changes since then. 

The name Netties Expressions was chosen with much care when I was 13 years old. My cousin and I came up with nicknames for each other in our younger years when we spent hours "playing school" after school. We decided to choose names which we really didn't like and I guess mine stuck. I wanted my business name to be universal enough that I wouldn't have to change it years down the road if I added other products to my business. 

Since my day job involves high stress, deadlines and long hours I needed to find a hobby which would help me relax and wind down at the end of the day. I've dabbled in card making and designing since I was young. My dad was in the construction business for 20 years building homes and doing renovations. He purchased Wiebes Accounting from my Grandpa and switched occupations but kept most of his tools. My older brother and I joined the accounting firm creating a third-generation business while my younger brother started his own construction business. I started spending some time in my Dad’s wood working shop trying out different things. I was so scared to use the power tools at the start. With a lot of patience from both my Dad and brother, I eventually became more comfortable working in the shop by myself. After that my ideas, projects and products snowballed into many different areas. Today I squeal just as much over a new tool of some sort as a new pair of shoes.

My Grandpa W collected poems, stories and sayings and eventually compiled them into a book which he gave away to people. I like to think that I inherited this trait from him. I found out recently that my Grandpa's mom (my Great Grandma) had a whole scribbler full of poems and songs which she collected. We both collected some of the same poems and songs. I've also collected sayings, poems and stories for about as long as I can remember. I've always gravitated towards the sayings with more depth to them. Especially the sayings which you might have to read a few times before the meaning actually sinks in. Something that stays with you after you’ve read it. I come from a great community with a lot of close friends and neighbors. From time to time I heard comments on how hard it was to find nice decor with nice messages and I was experiencing the same thing myself. This was during the time when the sign rage was all about "Live, Love, and Laugh". There's nothing wrong with those signs...but I wanted to find signs with a little more meaning than that. I suffered from heart problems for a number of years and realized then what a caring community I belonged to. I thought it would be nice if I could give back to my community by making products with real meaning to them.

I love knowing that that the art print, card or sign which I’m making will be treasured and possibly hung in someone's home. I'll most likely never know the impact it may have on the individual or their visitors. Just knowing that I'm providing cards, art prints and signs with actual meaning, makes my work a joy. The thing I love most of all are the connections which I’ve gained through my work. I’ve heard such amazing stories and been touched over and over by the people who buy my products. I could fill pages with the stories my customers have shared with me. I feel so blessed when they trust me with their stories. Whether they purchased something to bring comfort to someone or are sharing in the joy of a wedding, graduation or the birth of a child...all these occasions are times that are either filled with sadness or joy. Knowing that my products can bring comfort and cheer, courage and laughter is enough to make my day. All my products are handmade with a lot of love, thought and prayer. You can often find the maker behind this business, (yours truly) singing songs according to the project being worked on. This means that sometimes Christmas carols are being sung in summer, Easter hymns are sung in winter and sometimes my eyes are filled with tears...

Through this all I have been inspired me to expand my line of products to include rustic wood signs, pallet signs, handmade greeting cards, wooden crafts and decor, crafty books, journals, art prints, frames, tote bags and I always LOVE trying out new designs/products!

I LOVE doing custom orders, although I will only be taking a certain amount of custom orders per month. Please take a look around and see what I have to offer. If you see something you like or have an idea but are not sure how to put it all together, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to see what I can come up with! Please send me an email to place your custom order and I will ensure that your order is processed as speedily as possible. I look forward to hearing from you!

This is your "one stop shop" if you're searching for a gift. Buy a tote bag for your book loving friend. Celebrate the birth of a baby by ordering a personalized baby stats art print... make it even a little more special and order it with a frame. Purchase a journal for the deep thinker in your family who loves to write their thoughts down. Take a pick from the wide variety of wood signs and give as a birthday, Christmas or housewarming gift. Honor the newlyweds with a personalized wood sign including their names and wedding date. Keep track of the growth of your children with a wood growth chart.

Moving our accounting office in to town allowed me to set up a small retail display in our reception area, which is perfect for me and now my products are available year round instead of just at craft shows. Stop by our office (Wiebes Accounting Inc. ) located at 213 2nd Ave NW, Roblin, MB to check out what's in stock. 


Netties Expressions Sales

Are you curious where Netties Expressions products have been shipped to? Check out this map below. 

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