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Made in Canada

The FAT Paint Company is a CANADIAN company located in New Westminster, BC.

Artisan Chalk-Style Paint

The FAT Paint Company (TFPC) makes artisan chalk-style paint, NOT chalk paint. FAT Paint is a latex-based paint “FAT’n’d” up with a little bit of chalky minerals. Hence the clever name.

This chalk-style paint has great adhesion; it easily affixes to most porous surfaces like wood, glass, metal, plastic and fabric, and applies like a dream. It’s naturally smooth and creamy, covering most projects with just a couple of coats. The chalky nature of FAT Paint also means it dries quickly, leaving you more time to get creative with your finishes.

Low VOC's

Another great thing about FAT Paint is that is low in VOCs. In fact, it’s lower than Canadian required industry standards which is FAT-tabulous! What exactly are VOCs? Well… let’s get all sciencey

VOCs is an acronym for volatile organic compounds: organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at room temperature. Basically this means that large molecules in the chemicals easily evaporate into the air. These molecules are usually present for us humans by way of odors, but sometimes VOCs have no odor… and of course exposure to severe VOCs can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches or – worse case senario - internal or central nervous system damage. Yucky stuff!

Because FAT Paint is extremely low in VOCs, little-to-no molecules are evaporating into the air and odors are minimal or non-existent. Most importantly of all, FAT Paint is safe to use for everyone; pregnant women and children included. Awesome!!

FAT Paint is soft and easy to sand, which makes the distressing process practically effortless! Most unwanted brush strokes can be sanded out, leaving nothing behind but a smooth, silky, soft-to-the touch.


  1. Give your piece “The Once Over”.Wipe it with a sanding sponge and then clean all surfaces.
  2. Grab your brush.We like a good quality brush or a low-nap velour roller. Ditch the foam - it’s not our favorite.
  3. FAT’n it up.Wait about 20 minutes between layers. We suggest two coats as a minimum but feel free to fly your creative flag.
  4. Sand it.Use a sanding sponge or paper and sand all surfaces with FAT Paint on them.
  5. Seal it.Add a top coat with FAT Wax or CLEAR Top Coat so your craftsmanship lasts! 

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Ambitae Praebebat

Painted textured studio backdrop in shades of blue and green. Ideal for creating backdrops for dramatic studio portaits

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Pricing on The FAT Paint Company paint and other specialty products.

Sample (4oz) $13.00 This is the perfect size for a small project such as a bread box, etc.

Pint (473 ml) $25.00 This is half a quart so it’s the “perfect one project size” can.

Quart (925 ml) $39.00 This will do 2 and sometimes 3 good sized projects (dressers, etc.)

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Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!

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