Growth Chart Information

I did a post on growth charts a year or two ago and thought I would do an update on it.
The growth chart(s) available from my online shop generally measure 8″ wide x 72″ long. They are meant to be hung 6″ from the floor so that you get a more accurate measurement.
I did a little experiment for these growth charts. It depends what you buy the growth chart for, but if you want to mark your children’s growth you’ll need something to do that with. I had heard of using a Sharpie marker and I wanted to be sure that it would actually work. I stained a small piece of wood and sealed it with polyurethane. Once it was dry I tried writing with 3 different writing instruments. I let all the writing set and then rubbed my finger over to see if any of them would smudge or disappear all together.
You can see the outcome in the picture below.
  1. Sharpie Marker (I would say this is by far the best. It wrote clear and passed the “no smudge” test.)
  2. Sharpie Pen (I would say this is the worst. It wrote nice but I could wipe the whole thing off with just my finger…so if you want to actally keep the markings on the growth chart I wouldn’t advise you to go this route.)
  3. Blue Pen (It was hard to write with…I don’t think it looks as nice, but the writing didn’t smudge at all.)
This is my test and what worked for me. If I find something that works better, I’ll update this information.


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