Custom Framed Wooden Signs for Paint Workshop

Happy Monday to you all!!

I think it's time for me to share ALL the details regarding my paint workshops. I will specifically be talking about my "Large framed wooden signs" today.

I have two workshops coming up in the month of July. The first workshop is on July 10th and the second workshop is on July 24th. These workshops start at 7pm and run approximately 1.5 to 2 hours depending on whether everyone arrives on time, how complex the design is, the number of paint colours which you use, etc.

Have you had your eye on a design or sign which you've been wanting to purchase? Maybe you've wanted to have your own family name sign or wished that you could get a sign in different colours...

...well, now is your chance!!

Ask your sister(s) or a friend or friends to join you. Do a mother/daughter evening or get your significant other to join you. Spend an evening with 5 other people just like yourself who want to paint a sign. There will be both homemade food and drinks prepared by myself, for you to enjoy during the evening. You will leave with a beautiful finished sign which you can be proud of.

The workshop(s) will be held in my home until I can find a more permanent solution. There will be 6 seats available per workshop. I prefer smaller workshops as it allows me to give more one-on-one time to each participant if needed. 

These signs will not be painted freehand. My wooden sign workshops are done with stencils which I have designed and cut myself. This allows anyone to paint a beautiful sign.

The fee includes EVERYTHING which you need to paint a sign. I supply the wood, stencil(s), FAT paint, brushes, sandpaper, painters tape, hanging hardware, apron(s), etc. All you have to bring is yourself and the enthusiasm to paint a sign. :) Aprons are provided although I don't recommend wearing your best clothing.

Your sign will be made from 3/4" GIS plywood (good one side) and framed with a pine frame. Your sign is an all wood sign which means it will be a little bit heavy.

Below is the process of getting ready for your workshop and what will take place at the workshop.

Prior to the workshop

  • After you purchase your seat in a workshop, I will contact you regarding what size of sign and the design. If you drop by my retail location to purchase a seat, we can do this all at the same time.
  • I will cut your sign, sand it, and attach the stained frame.
  • I use the vinyl stencil process in my sign workshops. After you have picked your design, I will cut the design out of stencil vinyl. I will weed your stencil for you and apply the transfer tape so that your stencil is completely ready for you.
At the actual workshop
  • First things first...introductions of course! And signing my workshop disclaimer.
  • You will then decide what paint colour (from my selection of FAT paint) you want to use for your background. You can use painters tape around your frame to keep from getting paint on it. Once your background is painted or stained, we will let it dry.
  • A good time for snacking is while the sign background dries.
  • Once the sign is dry, you will give it a slight sanding. Then you will remove all the dust from sanding. It's important to make sure the surface is dust free.
  • You will then transfer the vinyl stencil to your sign. I will provide the squeegees which you will need to adhere your stencil to your sign. Once your stencil is adhered, you will slowly remove the transfer paper revealing only the stencil.
  • You will then paint the stencil using the colour(s) which you picked.
  • Once the paint has dried you will carefully remove your stencil revealing your finished sign.
  • This will give you another chance to sit back, relax and enjoy my homemade refreshments.
  • Your signs will then be sealed and have hanging hardware attached to the back.

In this workshop you get to choose from four different sizes of signs. These are considered large framed signs which retail for $95 + tax. This workshop is $80 + GST which equals $84 (CAD).

If you want to go ahead and purchase a seat in one of the two July workshops, click HERE. You're more than welcome to drop by my retail location to purchase a seat and browse through my designs. Payment is accepted by cash, debit, credit, or e-transfer. E-transfer payments may be sent to:

The four sizes are: 8" x 40" | 12" x 30" | 16" x 20" | 18" x 18"

The frame adds on 0.5" to each side so the actual size of the signs would be as follows: 9" x 41" | 13" x 31" | 17" x 21" | 19" x 19"

This gives a nice variety in sizes. I'll share the different design choices which you can choose from below.

Here are a few sample 8" x 40" framed wooden signs.

These designs are for the 8" x 40" framed wood sign. You can search the designs or click on a design to see a bigger image. 



Here are a few sample 12" x 30" framed wooden signs.

These designs are for the 12" x 30" framed wood sign. You can search the designs or click on a design to see a bigger image. 



Here are a few sample 16" x 20" framed wooden signs.

These designs are for the 16" x 20" framed wood sign. You can search the designs or click on a design to see a bigger image. 




Here are a few sample 18" x 18" framed wooden signs.

These designs are for the 18" x 18" framed wood sign. You can search the designs or click on a design to see a bigger image.





As you can see, this gives you quite a nice assortment of designs to choose from. I will be adding more designs as I have time. If you want me to create a custom design for you, please contact me or drop by my retail location.

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