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Large Wooden Snowman

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These large rustic wood snowmen are so charming and will add a sweet touch to your home throughout the Christmas holidays. They are so universal you could actually display them all through the winter season.

These wooden snowmen are made from 4" x 4"'s and are finished with a black wooden top hat, orange wooden nose, painted eyes and painted stars for buttons with a striped scarf for the finishing touch. The top hat has jute string wrapped around the brim.

These snowmen are made from locally harvested lumber near Roblin, MB. I purchase the lumber from a local sawmill and plane it before sanding, painting and building the snowmen. These snowmen are sturdy and held together with long screws and of course a lot of wood glue.

The wooden snowmen measure approximately 21" (high) x 8" (wide).

**These snowmen are meant for indoor use only.