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Autumn The Year's Last - Rustic Fall Wood Sign

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Autumn - The Year's Last Loveliest Smile

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. This sign says it all...indeed, it is a lovely smile which autumn gives us...the gold, brown, red, orange and yellow colors everywhere. It's a landscape which sometimes takes a persons breath away.

Choose between two sizes for this handmade rustic wooden sign

  • Unframed - 6"W X 12"L X 0.75"D. This handmade rustic wooden sign is made from 3/4" pine.
  • Framed - 16"W X 20"L X 0.75"D. The frame is 0.5" wide and adds 0.5" on to each side of the sign.This handmade rustic framed wooden sign is made from 3/4" GIS (good-one-side plywood).

This sign has hanging hardware attached to the back ready for hanging. There is no vinyl on this wall hanging. This is hand painted, distressed and finished with a wood sealer.