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Every flower that every bloomed - Rustic Pallet Wood Sign

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Every flower that every bloomed had to go through a whole lotta dirt to get there.

This handmade rustic pallet sign measures approximately 13" x 16"

A true gardener knows how healing it is to work in the dirt with your hands...weeding, planting, watering and then watching the shoots come forth. This pallet "flower" sign holds a lot of truth to it and would add just the right rustic charm to your house or give as a gift to a gardening friend.

This handmade wooden pallet wall hanging is made from new lumber & distressed to look oldand has a saw tooth hanger attached to the back ready for hanging. There is no vinyl on this wall hanging. This is stained, hand painted, distressed and finished with a wood sealer. These signs are stained with Minwax stain and painted withFusion Mineral Paint. The backs are stained withMinwax stain to give a finished look to the signs. The signs are then sealed withBeauti-Tone Acrylic Clear Lacquer.