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Faith is not knowing what the future holds - Rustic Wood Sign

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Faith is not knowing what the future holds, but knowing who holds the future.

This beautiful thought provoking handmade wooden "Faith" sign holds so much truth to it. Hang this in your house or give to a friend.

 Choose between the two options for this handmade rustic wooden sign

  • Unframed - 8"W X 22"L X 0.75"D. This handmade rustic wood sign is made from 3/4" pine.
  • Framed - 12"W X 30"L X 0.75"D. The frame is 0.5" wide and adds 0.5" on to each side of the sign.This handmade rustic framed wooden sign is made from 3/4" GIS (good-one-side plywood).

This sign has hanging hardware attached to the back ready for hanging. There is no vinyl on this wall hanging. This is hand painted, distressed and finished with a wood sealer. 

If there is no quantity left in stock you will be ordering a custom sign. Select your choice of paint colour(s) for the background and the letters/numbers/image and include this in the extra notes area. The sign will be made once the order is placed.