Life's Pathway - Greeting Card

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Life's Pathway - by: Emily Matthews

At times, life’s path seems filled with things that make the going tough. And we wish there were a smoother road, for we feel we’ve had enough...But if we pause a moment and remember who’s in charge. The hills that loom ahead of us no longer seems so large. And every rock before us, when we know we’re not alone, becomes, not just a stumbling block, but one more stepping stone.

Inside Saying: Thinking of you

This handmade greeting card measures 5 1/8" x 7" and comes with a matching white linen envelope.

These custom designed greeting cards created by Netties Expressions are on printed on Classic Linen Card Stock. Classic Linen Envelopes and Card Stock are made of 50% recycled material (15% PCW) and are finished with a cross-hatched linen texture. They are green seal certified, carbon natural, FSC certified and acid-free for archival quality.

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