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Stained Growth Chart

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This handmade growth chart measures approximately 8″W X 72″L X 0.75″D.

Children grow up so fast...it's always nice to keep memo's with the cute things they say to add to their scrapbooks. Are you looking for a fun way to keep track of their height and growth spurts? This handmade wooden growth chart is the perfect way to keep track of your children's height...plus, if you ever move you can take it with you. This is definitely something that will be treasured for years to come.

This is a stained wooden growth chart designed to look like an over-sized ruler.

This wooden wall hanging is made from a pine board and has a saw tooth hanger on the back ready for hanging. Two felt pads are sent along for you to attach to the bottom of the growth chart before hanging. This growth chart needs to be hung 6" off the floor in order to get the correct measurements.

There is no vinyl on this growth chart. It is stained (front and back) and each line is routed by hand to create a unique feel to the ruler. The numbers are painted. The growth chart is distressed and finished with a wood sealer (front and back).

Use a Sharpie marker to mark your children’s height. Click HERE to read my findings on what works best for marking your child's height on this wooden growth chart. 

If you would like your growth chart customized with your family name please click HERE.

All Netties Expressions Handmade Wooden Signs are uniquely created and designed by Netties Expressions in Robin, Manitoba Canada. 

Netties Expressions rustic wood signs are NOT mass produced in China or created in a factory assembly line. Each wooden sign and wall hanging is individually handmade by myself (Jennette). There is a lot of thought and love put in to each item.

No two signs are identical which means that the sign you have purchased or want to purchase will be special and unique to you and your home. The uniqueness of each item is what makes Netties Expressions wooden signs so special.

All of my wood signs and decor are designed and created to be rustic. I try my utmost to provide good quality and craftsmanship. However, each item is distressed and created to look rustic.

If you are looking for perfect pieces of identical art, you will not find that here in the handmade world.

Wood is wood. Even the same types of wood are different which means that the same colour of stain or paint may look different from piece to piece. I love the look of wood and do not try to cover up knot holes, aging or imperfections in the wood as I feel that it adds special character to each piece. 

~ Thank you for appreciating the love and care which I put into my products and for the support which you show to my small handmade business.

© 2017 Netties Expressions

How do you make your handmade wood signs?

  • Handmade Wooden Signs - Netties Expressions handmade wooden signs are made from a pine board. Each sign is individually handmade by myself. I cut the wood, sand it, prep it for painting, design and cut my own stencils and do the painting myself. All the wood signs come with a saw tooth hanger on the back ready for hanging. The signs are sealed with polyurethane or lacquer.
  • Handmade Framed Wooden Signs - The process of painting and distressing Netties Expressions handmade framed wooden signs is the same. Basically the only difference is the type of wood used. These are made from 1/2" to 3/4" plywood. 
  • Handmade Thick Wooden Signs - The process of painting and distressing Netties Expressions handmade thick wooden signs is the same. Basically the only difference is the type of wood used. These are made from rough 2" x 6" lumber.

Are your signs all hand painted?

Yes, Netties Expressions handmade wooden signs are hand painted using stencils.

Hand Painted vs Free Hand

  • Hand Painted: painted by a person and not by a machine
  • Free Hand: done without special tools or instruments